Deutsche & Japaner is looking for interns half-yearly. As we’re a small team, interns become a fundamental part of our studio and hopefully good friends.

We expect you to be ambitious and passionate about creation and artistic efforts. Of course a helping hand in all studio related functions is obligatory. We understand this period of time to be a process of learning, supporting and developing in both ways. Due to this fact we wish you to not only have you serving clients rather than to give you the opportunity to express your state of art and mind in self-initiated projects.

In general it might be helpful to have a closer look at our portfolio to see if our ideas are like-minded for a promising relationship.


Internship of 4–6 months
The internship is paid

Winter term: Beginning September/October
Application slot: 1st to 30th June

Summer term: Beginning March/April
Application slot: 1st to 30th November


Please choose your most representative works and most important, the ones expressing your personality. Email us a PDF (max. 15 MB) with all information (no printed applications, please) and your portfolio to the following address within schedule: